Research Areas

Our Faculty members welcome any questions you may have about your research plans or interests.  The following is a list of Faculty members along with their areas of research interest.

Faculty Supervisory Interests
Christopher Alcantara Canadian Politics, Federalism and Multilevel Governance, Indigenous-Settler Relations, Institutions
Cameron Anderson Canadian Politics, Elections, Voting, Mulit-level Governance, Public Opinion
David Armstrong Quantitative Methods in Political Science
Nandita Biswas Mellamphy Contemporary French Political Theory, Nietzsche, Post-structuralism
Dan Bousfield Political Economy of Protest, Psychoanalysis and Politics, Gender Studies, International Relations, Qualitative Methodology, Ethnography, Korean Social Movements, Militant Masculinities
Evelyne Brie Comparative Politics, Canadian Politics, Political Economy, Electoral Behaviour, Urban Politics
Caroline Dick Aboriginal Politics, Constitutional Politics, Difference Politics and the Politics of Identity, Legal Method
Marta Dyczok Politics and History of Eastern Europe and Russia, Politics and the Media, Post Communism, Ukraine
Elizabeth Finneron-Burns Future Generations, Contractualism, Human Extinction, Global Justice, Applied Ethics
Amanda Friesen Political Psychology, Gender and Politics, Experimental Political Science, Biology and Political Behaviour 
Adam Harmes Canadian and US Foreign Policy, International Relations, Political Economy, Political Ideologies, Canadian and US Parties and Interest Groups, Election Campaign Techniques
Martin Horak Comparative Urban Politics (Europe and North America), Multi-level Urban Governance
Charles Jones Contemporary Political Theory, Equality, Global Justice, Human Rights
Mathew Lebo Political Behaviour and Elections, Political Parties, American and British Politics, Political Methodology
Joe Lyons Local and Metropolitan Governance, Multi-Level Governance, Public Administration, Public Policy
Bruce Morrison Democratization, State Formation, State Society Relations, Social Policy
Joanna Quinn Transitional Justice, Peacebuilding
Erika Simpson Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy, International Security, NATO, Peacekeeping
Laura Stephenson Canadian Politics, Comparative Political Economy, Elections, Experimental Political Science, Institutions, Political Behaviour
Zack Taylor Urban politics, Local and Metropolitan Governance, Multi-Level Governance, Urban and Regional Planning Policy, Political and Electoral Geography, Ideas and Institutions, Political Development
Mathieu Turgeon Political Psychology, Political Behaviour, Experimental Political Science, Comparative Politics, Brazil
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