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At Western’s Department of Political Science, we convey to our students the power of ideas, the importance of wise public policy, and the necessity of methodological skill. Students are introduced to the great ideas and ideologies, the diverse political institutions in Canada and elsewhere, and the complexities of global politics.

We offer courses in the main fields of political science -- political theory, international relations, Canadian politics, comparative politics, local government, and public administration – and we are a leader in research methodology.

We aim to deepen students' understanding of (1) key ideas and values, such as democracy, freedom, justice, and equality; and (2) central institutions and practices, such as the state, law, constitutions, elections, leadership, interest groups, public opinion, political conflict, war, and peace. We enable students to focus on some of the critical issues in modern societies; from the threats of climate change and nuclear war to the promise of global justice, human rights, and the welfare state.

Why Study Political Science At Western?

Three words: experience, skills, and employment. Western offers Canada’s best student experience in many categories, including research opportunities, campus atmosphere, student/faculty interaction, academic counselling, buildings and facilities, recreation and athletics, and quality of teaching. Our department is especially well-known for student satisfaction and excellence in teaching. Our students engage with faculty members extensively and benefit from some of the most highly-rated, award-winning teachers and scholars in the University and across Canada.

A Western political science graduate is someone who is able to read sympathetically but critically, gather data and do research independently, analyze complex arguments, and communicate conclusions effectively. Our faculty also aim to deepen and broaden your knowledge of ideas, methods, and institutions; to make you aware of the inherently controversial nature of politics; to critically understand and evaluate the central arguments in key texts and public debates; to communicate your ideas clearly; to listen respectfully to others; and to develop the confidence to establish your own voice.

Finally, studying political science at Western will help you transition into the workforce. Several of our alumni hold positions in a wide range of fields in both the public and private sectors, at all three levels of government (local, provincial, and federal), as university professors, in the head offices of major multi-national corporations and law firms, in the print and electronic media, and in some of the most innovative and influential companies and non-profits in the modern high-tech economy. Moreover, many of our undergraduate students go on to study law, business, or graduate studies in politics. In each case, our department provides the skills required to achieve success in any field or discipline our students pursue.

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