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The Department of Political Science offers a wide range of undergraduate programs that are designed for motivated students who wish to excel. Graduates of these programs go on to pursue careers in many fields, which may include but are not limited to: business, government, public policy, international affairs, and law. Students who complete our honours programs are well prepared for post-graduate study.

For complete program information and updates, refer to the Western University Academic Calendar.
Please note that the Academic Calendar contains the most accurate description of our modules.


Overview of Programs 

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Important Note for ALL Political Science Modules: 

Double counting is NOT permitted for any of our modules. A course can only be used to fulfill one module requirement. This is also true for students who combine modules (e.g., Political Science Major and Transitional Justice Minor; or Political Science Major and Sociology Major). If a course is used toward one module, it cannot be used toward another to complete module requirements.

In order to be eligible to graduate with a 4-year degree, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. completion of your modular requirements (check the academic calendar for the most up-to-date requirements, links are provided below)
  2. completion of breadth requirements: 1.0 course from Category B (Arts) and 1.0 course from Category C (Science)
  3. no less than 5.0 first-year courses and no more than 7.0 first-year courses
  4. at least 20.0 credits overall (for a 4-year B.A)

Political Science Modules - Links to Academic Calendar

Interdisciplinary Political Science Modules - Links to Academic Calendar

Student Resources

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University Procedures

Plagarism & Academic Offenses

Plagiarism means using another’s work without giving credit. The university has rules against plagiarism and other scholastic offences. The Department of Political Science has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. If you are found guilty of plagiarizing, the minimum penalty is 0 on the assignment. A repeat offence will earn you 0 in the course. Another offence could lead to expulsion from the university.

Every course syllabus in our department includes the following information in the Appendix. Additional information about the University’s policy on scholastic discipline can be found at: Scholastic Discipline for Undergraduate Students.

There are also numerous resources available to help educate yourself about this serious academic offence:

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