Graduate Programs

Welcome to Graduate Studies in Political Science

Western's Political Science Department is known for the outstanding quality of its research and teaching in Democratic Engagement, Global Justice, Research Methods, and Urban Politics and Local Governance. Our faculty offer expertise and training in all of the traditional subfields, such as Canadian Politics, Comparative Politics, International Relations, Local Government, and Political Theory but also value and encourage work that cuts across and challenges those boundaries. Not only do our faculty and students draw upon multiple theories and methods to solve a wide range of pressing domestic and international problems, we also invent new ones to expand the discipline’s analytical and explanatory power.

The graduate curriculum at Western aims to provide students with a broad set of analytical skills, professionalization, mentoring and a strong research culture that emphasizes rigour, theoretical sophistication, and state of the art research methods. Students may have the opportunity to teach courses, work as research assistants, network with prominent guest speakers and visiting academics, and co-author academic publications with faculty members.

Our graduates and post-doctoral fellows have been successful in obtaining full-time employment in academia, government and the private sector. 

Advantages of Graduate Study in Political Science at Western

Strong Training and Support

  • Competitive funding packages for PhD and MA students
  • Office space for all graduate students
  • Strong training in research methods
  • Theoretical and methodological diversity
  • Excellent programs and faculty
  • Opportunities and financial support for quantitative and qualitative data collection activities
  • Excellent libraries (4th largest academic research library in Canada) and facilities
  • Strong intellectual community and variety of seminar series
  • Career and Professional Development