Graduate Programs

Welcome to Graduate Studies in Political Science

We are a dynamic, research-intensive Department with expertise in both newly emerging areas of study and the traditional fields of comparative politics, international relations, Canadian politics, political theory and local government.  Our Department is known for the outstanding quality of its research and expertise.  Among our faculty members are scholars of national and international reputation.

Our faculty cohort is large, diverse, and distinguished. Course offerings are rich and varied in both theoretical and methodological approaches.  Our Graduate Program enables students to pursue research in several innovative fields, including global governance, global justice, human rights, international security, multilevel governance, migration and ethnic relations, political economy and public policy.

Our graduates have been successful in obtaining employment in academia, government and the private sector.


Advantages of Graduate Study in Political Science at Western

Strong Training and Support

  • Financial assistance for all eligible PhD and MA students
  • Office accommodation for all teaching assistants
  • Strong training in research methods
  • Theoretical and methodological diversity
  • Excellent programs and faculty
  • Opportunities and support for field research at the PhD level
  • Excellent libraries (4th largest academic research library in Canada) and facilities
  • Strong intellectual community and variety of seminar series