Department of Political Science

In the Department of Political Science, we teach our students about the political world, the ways in which institutions and behaviours come together, and about the methodological skills required for research in the social sciences. 

We offer courses in the main fields of political science -- political theory, international relations, Canadian politics, comparative politics, local government, and public administration -- and we are a leader in research methodology.

We aim to deepen students' understanding of (1) key ideas and values, such as democracy, freedom, justice, and equality; and (2) central institutions and practices, such as the state, law, constitutions, elections, leadership, interest groups, public opinion, political conflict, war, and peace.

We also enable students to focus on some of the critical issues currently facing modern societies; from the threats of climate change and nuclear war, to the promise of global justice, human rights, and the welfare state.

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Selfie Marta Dyczok w Ukraine Pres Zelensky

Professor Dyczok and President Zelensky!
Professor Marta Dyczok continues to follow the War Against Ukraine and was recently invited to a special event hosted by Prime Minister Trudeau for Ukraine's President Zelensky, and even managed to get a selfie with him after giving him a copy of her book.

Professor Finneron-Burnes headshot and book covers

Professor Finneron-Burns New First Book & Edited Book!
What We Owe to Future People. A Contractualist Account of Intergenerational Ethics discusses a range of different issues relating to future generations rather than focusing narrowly on one area and The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics presents up-to-date theoretical analyses of various problems associated with the moral standing of future people and animals in current decision-making. 


Professor Turgeon Innovative Research Projects SSHRC Funding 

Professor Mathieu Turgeon awarded grant funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) for the latest round of innovative research projects for his project entitled “Climate change misinformation in Canada: Its prevalence, determinants and potential for inoculation and correction.” 

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