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Want to Make a Difference? Study Political Science!

Almost every aspect of our lives requires some sort of political activity. The policies and principles which governments endorse and follow determine how our society deals with issues such as education, welfare, housing, health care, and crime. Whether countries are at war or at peace depends both on what governments do and who supports them. Our values, our careers, our freedoms, and our responsibilities are all formed in a political context. Therefore, to study politics is to study the real world. Political science courses will help you develop the skills necessary to make sense of that world.

A degree in political science prepares students for a wide range of jobs in many different fields, including but not limited to: federal/provincial/local government, business, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, international relations, policy analysis, market research, interest group advocacy, law and education. A political science degree offers not just the knowledge and background needed for these jobs, but a complex set of skills as well. Research, analysis, critical thinking, writing, problem-solving, and public speaking skills figure highly in our courses.

Political Science is interdisciplinary in nature and is a perfect complement to a great range of other subjects, such as economics, history, sociology, psychology, geography, criminology, philosophy, or business. Everyone benefits from learning about government and politics. Most people will be called on to vote periodically and help make vital choices about who should govern their city, province, and country.

Reasons to Study Political Science at Western

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Award Winning Faculty

In the past five years, our Political Science faculty members have received over 30 awards and honours for their teaching. Our first-year course, Politics 1020, is taught by two lecturers who have won University-wide awards in the past few years. We pride ourselves on providing excellent, interesting, and thought-provoking courses.

Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Education

Student Clubs and Associations

International Student Exchange Programs

Western is committed to internationalization and encourages all students to become global citizens. By studying on exchange, students develop the skills, attitudes and knowledge required to become competent global citizens and leaders. While on exchange, students build familiarity and connections with different world regions. Our exchange programs offer you life transforming experiences and opportunities for personal and professional development to help you succeed in today's global economy.

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