2022 Course Offerings


Course Title


1020/200 Introduction to Political Science Bousfield/Narain
1020/201 Introduction to Political Science Narain
2102A/650 Capitalism & Democracy - ONLINE Jonasson
2135A/650 Canada Abroad - ONLINE Simpson
2140A/650 Global Competition: The Rise of Asia - ONLINE Bousfield 
2141B/650 Global Violence & Injustice - ONLINE Simpson
2142A/650 Politics & Pop Culture - ONLINE Biswas Mellamphy
2144A/650 Politico-tainment: Television & Political (Con)Science - ONLINE Narain
2191B/650 Special Topics: Global Diplomacy, International Security and Peace - ONLINE Simpson
2192B/650 Special Topics: Russia's War Against Ukraine - ONLINE Dyczok
2203F/200 Problems in Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Resolution - Global Justice Eligible El-Masri
2325F/001 Research Design in Political Science - IR & Global Justice Eligible Turgeon
2511G/001 The Politics of Economics Harmes
2530F/001 Foundations of Canadian Government & Politics Alcantara
2531F/001 Foundations of International Relations  Harmes
2532G/200 International Law and Order - Global Justice Eligible Quinn
2533G/200 Racialized Injustice in Canada - Global Justice Eligible Dick
2537F/200 Foundations of Political Theory Finneron-Burns
2538G/200 Issues in Contemporary Political Theory Finneron-Burns
2544G/001 American Government & Politics Jonasson
2545G/001 Foundations of Comparative Politics Morrison
2546F/001 Public Administration Lyons
2547G/001 The Policy Process in Theory and Practice Lyons
3001G/001 Studies in Transitional Justice - Global Justice Eligible El-Masri
3201G/200 Issues in International Law - IR & Global Justice Eligible Bousfield
3203F/001 International Crises - IR & Global Justice Eligible Simpson
3205F/001 Africa in World Politics - IR & Global Justice Eligible VandeWetering
3207G/001 Women, Sex and Politics - Global Justice Eligible Biswas Mellamphy
3210F/200 Canada-U.S. Relations - IR Eligible Bousfield
3212G/001 Theories of Human Rights - Global Justice Eligible Jones
3213G/001 Comparative Authoritarianism - IR & Global Justice Eligible Morrison
3215G/001 History of Political Theory - Global Justice Eligible Jones
3316F/001 Political Parties Morrison
3325G/001 Introduction to Data Science - IR and Global Justice Eligible Brie
3331G/001 Controversies in Canadian Legal Justice - Global Justice Eligible Dick
3332F/001 Law, Politics & the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms - Global Justice Eligible Dick
3337G/001 Comparative Public Opinion Anderson
3343F/001 European Union - IR & Global Justice Eligible Morrison
3344G/001 Western European Politics: States, Nations & Regimes - IR & Global Justice Eligible Morrison
3363F/001 Power in the City Horak
3372F/001 Politics of Ontario Jonasson
3390G/001 Special Topics: Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories Turgeon
3391G/001 Special Topics: The Psychology of Political Conflict Mansell
3398G/001 First Nations Political & Legal Issues - Global Justice Eligible Beacock
3401G/001 Special Topics: The PM and the House of Commons de Clercy
3411G/001 Special Topics: Modern Warfare - IR & Global Justice Eligible VandeWetering
3534F/001 Contemporary Issues in Political Theory Finneron-Burns
3588F/001 International Human Rights - IR & Global Justice Eligible El-Masri
4201G/200 The U.N. and Global Governance - IR & Global Justice Eligible Bousfield
4203F/001 Social Diversity, Gender and the Law - Global Justice Eligible Dick
4206F/001 Theories of Global Justice - Global Justice Eligible Vernon
4209G/001 Political Strategy and Communication - IR Eligible Harmes
4210G/001 Globalization and Urban Politics - IR & Global Justice Eligible Horak
4212F/001 Special Topics: Cyberpolitics - IR Eligible Bousfield
4213G/001 Comparative Global Corruption - IR & Global Justice Eligible Morrison
4215F/001 Global Welfare States - IR & Global Justice Eligible Morrison
4216G/001 Women & Political Leadership Graham
4217F/001 Political Psychology Turgeon
4413G/001 Special topics : Intergenerational Justice - Global Justice Eligible Finneron-Burns
4419G/001 Special Topics: Secession and Ethnic Conflict - IR & Global Justice Eligible Payler
4455G/001 Special Topics: Nations and Nationalism - IR & Global Justice Eligible Brie
4490E/001 Thesis Various Faculty
4498F&G Independent Study Various Faculty
4499F&G Independent Study Various Faculty
4511F/200 Special Topics: Armed Groups and Political Violence - IR Eligible Pokrywa
4511G/200 Special Topics: Middle East Politics - IR & Global Justice Eligible El-Masri

IR Courses (Restricted)

IR 2703F/001 Global Order Since 1945 - Restricted to Students in IR Program Bousfield
IR 2704G/001 Current Affairs - Restricted to Students in IR Program McKenzie
IR 4703F/001 Global Challenges I - Restricted to Year 4 IR Students McKenzie
IR 4704G/200 Global Challenges II - Restricted to Year 4 IR Students Bousfield

PPE Courses (Restricted)

PPE 2200F/001 Introduction to PPE  - Restricted to PPE Students Various Faculty
PPE 4100E/001 Seminar in PPE - Restricted to PPE Students Silvinsky