Carol Agocs

Professor Emerita


Research Interests

Discrimination in Employment, Equality Policy and Implementation, Organizational Change

Selected Publications

  • 2014: Carol Agócs and Kate Graham, “Citizen Action for Sustainable Development: Case Studies in London, Ontario, Canada,” in Andrew Sancton and Zhenming Chen (eds), Citizen Participation at the Local Level in China and Canada,  Routledge Press, in press.
  • 2014: Carol Agócs (ed.),  Employment Equity in Canada: The Legacy of the Abella Report, University of Toronto Press.
  • 2010: Carol Agócs and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, “Performance Management in Canadian Local Government: A Journey in Progress or a Dead End?”  in Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly and John Martin (ed), Local Government in a Global World: Australia and Canada in Comparative Perspectives, University of Toronto Press.
  • 2009: Carol Agócs and Bob Osborne, “Comparing Equity Policies in Canada and Northern Ireland: Policy Learning in Two Directions?”  Canadian Public Policy, 35 (2), June, 237-262.
  • 2007: Carol Agocs, "Canada's Employment Equity Act: Perspectives on Policy, Implementation and Results," in Reva Josheee and Lauri Johnson, ed., Multicultural Policies in Canada and the United States: Symbol and Substance,  Vancouver: UBC Press.
  • 2005: Carol Agocs and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly, “Involving Citizens, Elected Officials and Municipal Staff in Performance Management,”  Municipal World, November.
  • 2004: Carol Agocs, “Surfacing Racism in the Workplace: Qualitative and Quantitative Evidence of Systemic Discrimination,” Canadian Diversity/ Diversite Canadienne, 3(3), fall, 25-28.
  • 2004: Carol Agocs and Harish Jain, “Systemic Racism in Employment in Canada: Diagnosing Systemic Racism in Organizational Culture,” Directions: Research Reviews from the Canadian Race Relations Foundation,  1(1) 11-29.
  • 2004: Carol Agócs, Reem Attieh and Martin Cooke, "Agents of Change? A Study of Equity Practitioners in Canadian Universities," in Marilee Reimer (ed.), Inside Corporate U: Women in the Academy Speak Out, Toronto: Sumach Press, pp. 198-225.
  • 2002: Carol Agócs (ed.), Workplace Equality:  International Perspectives on Legislation, Policy and Practice, The Hague:  Kluwer Law International.
  • 2002: Carol Agócs, "Canada's Employment Equity Legislation and Policy, 1987-2000: The Gap Between Policy and Practice," International Journal of Manpower, 23(3), 256-276.
  • 2000: Jain, Harish, Parbudyal Singh and Carol Agócs, "Recruitment, Selection and Promotion of Visible Minority and Aboriginal Police Officers in Selected Canadian Police Forces," Canadian Public Administration, 43(1), spring, 46-74.
  • 1997: Agócs, Carol, "Institutionalized Resistance to Organizational Change: Denial, Inaction and Repression," Journal of Business Ethics, 16(9), 917-931.
  • 1996: Agócs, Carol and Catherine Burr, "Employment Equity, Affirmative Action  and Managing Diversity: Assessing the Differences," International Journal of Manpower, 17(4/5), 30-45.
  • 1995: Begadon, Stephen and Carol Agócs, "Limits to Power: A Study of the Influence of Mayors and CAOs on Municipal Budgets in Ontario, 1977-1990," Canadian Public Administration, 38(1), 29-44.
  • 1992: Carol Agócs, Catherine Burr and Felicity Somerset, Employment Equity: Co-operative Strategies for Organizational Change, Scarborough: Prentice-Hall Canada Inc., 406 pp.