Possible Careers

What Can I Do With a Degree in Political Science?

A degree in Political Science can help you launch a career in a wide variety of fields such as civil service, federal/provincial/local government, international agencies such as the United Nations, business, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, policy analysis, market research, interest/lobby groups, law, and education.

A degree in Political Science will develop your critical thinking and problem solving abilities, skills that will help you to accurately assess ideas and construct answers to complex theoretical questions by developing logical arguments based on empirical evidence. These are the skills employers seek in the 21st century economy.

Careers Among Graduates of the Undergraduate Program in Political Science

  • Private Sector, Government, Non-profit Sector
  • Public Administration Programs, Management Training
  • Public Relations
  • Journalism
  • International Careers (United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Continue on to Professional or Graduate Studies (Law School, Graduate programs in Political Science)

Available Resources for Students

Western's Career's and Experience

Careers & Experience helps students deepen their academic learning and actively plan for personal and professional growth through career education, experiential learning, and industry exploration. We foster an environment in which students are able to discover their potential and design their future.

Working at Western – Employment Opportunities

On Working at Western you will find:
  • Opportunities for research personnel, undergraduate, and summer students within Political Science
  • Staff positions (part-time and full-time)
  • Faculty positions (part-time)
  • Working at Western opportunities have expanded to include online applications for Limited Duties appointments

Office of Faculty Relations

The Office of Faculty Relations lists Academic Positions available for Full-time, Administrative, Clinical, or Course Authoring opportunities listed by Faculty, including Social Science.

Federal Public Service Jobs

Government of Canada's Main Jobs Website

Annual Post-Secondary Recruitment

The Post-Secondary Recruitment (PSR) Campaign is designed to hire university and college graduates into a range of entry-level federal government officer jobs across Canada. 

Federal Student Work Experience Program

Federal Student Work Experience Program, (FSWEP), provides full-­time students valuable, hands-­on work experience related to their field of study and allows for a wealth of learning opportunities. Although students are not required to have previous work experience to apply, they must meet the program’s eligibility criteria.

Research Affiliate Program

RAP provides post-­secondary students with opportunities to conduct innovative research and gain experience with federal organizations. Laboratory, field and social science research projects vary broadly and depend on the nature of the research being conducted at any given time by any given organization.

Post-Secondary Co-Operative Education and Internship Program

The Post-­secondary Co-­operative Education and Internship Program (CO-OP/Internship) is one way students can get hands-­on experience, in their fields of study, with federal organizations.

Employment Option - Bridging

Bridging is a staffing option that managers may use to hire students once they have graduated. Bridging mechanisms facilitate the hiring of Co-­op, Internship, FSWEP, and RAP students into term or indeterminate positions within the federal public service after the completion of their studies.