Possible Careers

A degree in Political Science can help you launch a career in a wide variety of fields such as civil service, federal/provincial/local government, international agencies such as the United Nations, business, journalism, broadcasting, public relations, policy analysis, market research, interest/lobby groups, law, and education.

A degree in Political Science will develop your critical thinking and problem solving abilities, skills that will help you to accurately assess ideas and construct answers to complex theoretical questions by developing logical arguments based on empirical evidence. These are the skills employers seek in the 21st century economy.

Careers Among Graduates of the Undergraduate Program in Political Science:

  • Private sector, Government, Non-profit sector
  • Public Administration programs, Management training
  • Public relations
  • Journalism
  • International careers (i.e., United Nations, Non-Governmental Organizations)
  • Continue on to Professional or Graduate Studies (Law School, Graduate programs in Political Science)

For more information see the publication: "What Can I Do With a Degree in Political Science?".

Resources for Students:

The Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre at Western can facilitate the development of career, educational, and life competencies for students and alumni through programs and services that guide successful transitions, foster local and global citizenship, promote leadership opportunities, encourage personal growth, deliver career resources, and ignite active engagement.

They offer job postings, classes and workshops, a drop-in Employment Help and Resource Centre, career and education fairs, employer information sessions, experiential learning opportunities, a resource library, and individual counselling and career assessments.

Social Science Career Services

Social Science students have access to many resources for career counselling information, the most valuable being Social Science Careers.

They provide assistance with:

  1. resume and cover letter writing
  2. exploring career options
  3. relating interests to career goals
  4. interview preparation
  5. developing job search strategies

On top of all that, their website provides many useful tools and links.