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Undergrad Open House Poli Sci Western Students

Why Political Science?

Why Politics, Philosophy and Economics?

First Year Requirements

The normal course load for a first-year program is 5 first-year courses. These courses are numbered 1000 to 1999 and must include at least 4 different subjects with no more than 2 courses in one subject.

Additionally, students must satisfy the Breadth Requirements. This means that at least one course must be chosen from each of three categories - Category A (Social Science), Category B (Arts), and Category C (Science). Any outstanding breadth requirement not completed in first year must be completed prior to graduation.

A Glimpse of Your First Year

Below is a suggestion as to what your first year might look like. Students considering a major in Political Science might want to include the following first year courses:

Course 1: Political Science 1020E - Introduction to Political Science
This course fulfills the prerequisites for all Political Science senior courses
Course 2: A 1000-level History course
Admission to the International Relations Program requires Political Science 1020E and one 1000-level History course
Course 3: A 1000-level Economics course
This can be useful if pursuing International Relations at the graduate level
Course 4: A 1000-level language course - e.g., English, French, German, Spanish, Latin
This will satisfy the Category B requirement
Course 5: A 1000-level science course - e.g., Astronomy, Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics
This will satisfy the Category C requirement

Note:  This list is only a suggestion, students are encouraged to take courses that capture their interests.

Valuable Tip

We recommend that first-year students take advantage of Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) offered here at the University. SAO is a program where first-year students can select courses with a professor, create a timetable, register for courses, get photo identification and much more.

For more information on Summer Academic Orientation, please visit sao.uwo.ca.