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Nigmendra Narain - Awarded USC Teaching Award
Congratulations to Nigmendra Narain for being one of only four winners --university-wide-- of the 2018-19 University Students' Council and Western Alumni Association Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching. Well done and well deserved, Nig! [Read More]

Professor Stephenson - 2019 Faculty Scholars Award
Dr. Stephenson has been awarded a prestigious 2019 Faculty Scholars Award by the University of Western Ontario.  This award recognizes her impressive scholarly and teaching achievements thus far and will help her continue her groundbreaking work on electoral systems, partisanship, and strategic voting.  Congratulations! [Read More]

PhD Candidate McMahon - New Publication
PhD Candidate Nicole McMahon has published a new paper entitled "Running for elected office: Indigenous candidates, ambition and self-government" in the journal, Politics, Groups, and Identities, co-authored with Dr. Christopher Alcantara.  Congratulations Nicole! [Read More]

Professor Turgeon - Understanding the Impact of Misinformation Article
Professor Mathieu Turgeon's next project examines the role of misinformation and political polarization, specifically knowledge shared through social media. [Read More]

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