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Mark Yaniszewski

Assistant Professor

Doctor of Philosophy
Telephone: 519.661.2111 ext. 85182
E-mail: myanisze@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4139
Office Hours: TBA


DPhil Carleton University, MA University of Waterloo, BA University of Waterloo

Research Interests

I am currently working on a study that looks at Canada’s role in the 2003 war in Iraq.  This project includes materials obtained through an Access to Information request and documents Canada’s military direct and indirect contributions to that conflict.

I am also developing a long-term research project that examines “bureaucratic discretion” of military personnel in the context of two closely related questions. First, when — if ever — is it legitimate for members of the armed forces to disobey instructions issued by democratically elected officials? And second, what are the precise limits to bureaucratic discretion as exercised by military personnel in the conduct of military policy-making and implementation?  Specific topics under investigation include the following: (a) the dilemmas faced by military commanders in instances where civilian direction and authority is divided and/or contradictory, (b) the proper limits on "public comment" by military personnel, (c) the legal and moral dilemmas facing "whistle blowers," (d) the impact of emerging areas of international law (e.g., laws against genocide and the so-called “responsibility to protect”) on military obedience to civilian authorities in conflict regions, and (e) the problems associated when policy "generalists" direct military "experts" in the field.

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