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Martin Horak

Associate Professor


Ph.D., University of Toronto
Telephone: 519.661.2111 ext. 85002
E-mail: mhorak@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4223

Research Interests

Professor Horak specializes in Canadian and comparative urban politics, with an emphasis on the dynamics of urban policy-making, multilevel governance, and the governance problems of large cities.

Current Research Projects

1. State Rescaling in Practice:  Understanding the Shifting Landscape of Urban Governance in Contemporary Toronto

This article draws together insights from several years of work on various aspects of Toronto politics and governance.  He notes that in recent years, attempts to spatially shift (or “rescale”) urban governing institutions in Toronto have moved away from the long-standing focus on comprehensive local boundary reform, and towards task-specific reform of governance in individual policy areas.  He argues that this shift comes in response to the continued growth and expansion of the Toronto region, which makes boundary-related reforms less and less feasible and stable over time.

2. The Multilevel Politics of Urban Rail Infrastructure

Professor Horak is conducting comparative research on the politics of building new urban rail lines in Canadian and American cities.  His interest is in understanding how the complex multilevel governance of big infrastructure projects leads to changes in the shape and cost of urban rail infrastructure as construction projects move from concept to reality.  This project is supported by a three-year research grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

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