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Andrew Sancton



D. Phil., Oxford University
Telephone: 519.619.3646
E-mail: asancton@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4133

Research Interests

Professor Sancton is interested in all aspects of urban politics and local government, but especially municipal institutions and boundaries in large metropolitan areas. He also has a longstanding interest in electoral boundaries at all levels of government and the constitutional politics of allocating seats in the Canadian House of Commons to the various provinces.  More recently, he has undertaken research relating to disputes about the role of Ontario ombudsman in determining the legality of informal meetings of small groups of municipal councillors, the professionalization of the role of municipal councillor, and the significance in Canada of municipal charters.

Current Research Projects

Professor Sancton will be retiring in January 2017. He does not anticipate beginning major new research projects or accepting new PhD students.

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