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Adam Harmes

Associate Professor


PhD, York University
Telephone: 519.661.2111 ext. 85173
E-mail: aharmes@uwo.ca
Office: Social Sciences Centre 4155

Research Interests

Professor Harmes specializes in political economy and the competition between economic ideas and interest groups in different policy and institutional contexts. He also focuses on how interest groups, political parties and countries employ modern political marketing techniques to advance their interests.

Current Research Projects

1. The Political Economy of Multilevel Governance

This book-length project examines the political competition between neoliberal and social democratic ideas and interest groups over issues related to fiscal federalism, regionalism and global governance.

2. Political Marketing and Economic Interest Groups

This project examines the use of new political marketing techniques by economic interest groups in Canada and other advanced democracies.

3. Political Marketing in Post-Conflict Elections

This project examines the extent to which modern political marketing techniques are being employed in post-conflict elections. The first case study was based on field research conducted in Iraq during the 2014 national and provincial elections.

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