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The Political Science Association (PSA) at Western University is a student-run club dedicated to connecting political science students to academic and social opportunities. The association gives students with an interest in law and/or politics an outlet to create relationships and foster a liaison with faculty members. Members of the PSA are exposed to post-graduate possibilities, professional development opportunities, fun socials, and leadership experience.

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Why Choose Political Science at Western University?


Refer back to this page for future events hosted by the Political Science Association (PSA). For those interested, check out past events hosted by the PSA during the 2022 academic year by clicking on the images below.

1) Provincial Election Debate 2022

Image of the PSA's provincial election debateThe goal of this event was to give participants a general overview of the  MPP candidates in London North Centre and their platforms, with a  focus on the issues that directly impact students. Students, professors in  the department, and live guests were able to submit questions towards candidates.

Event Features: Kate Graham (Ontario Liberal Party); Terrence  Kernaghan (NDP); and Carol Dyck (Green Party).

We would like to inform everyone that efforts were made by our team to reach out to Jerry Pribil, who is the candidate in London North Centre for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. Unfortunately, Mr. Pribil's office informed us that he would be unable to attend the event due to prior commitments.

2) Awareness About Sexual and Gender-Based Violence on Campus

Image of student typing on laptopTrigger Warning: This content discusses Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

This event aimed to assist professors with how to respond when a  student expresses concerns; and raises awareness of campus resources  and training available to faculty, staff, and students.

Event Features: Dr. Kaitlynn Mendes (Department of Sociology);  Representatives from the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children; and Representatives from the Sexual Assault and Trauma Survivors Club at Western University. 

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Academic Resources

Image of students in the library

The Social Contract



The Political Science Department's Undergraduate Journal is entitled 'The Social Contract.' Click on the image on the left to read the latest edition.

Academic Guidebook



Click on the PSA Academic Guidebook to read tips from the executive team of 2021-2022, learn how to excel in undergrad, and obtain information on graduate schools and their application processes.

Utilize Your Degree



Unsure of your options as a political science student once you graduate? Click on PSA's 'How to Utilize Your Political Science Degree' PDF below to learn about the application process to law schools, graduate programs, careers in international organizations, and working in government. The PDF also includes internship and career opportunities, as well as advice from political science professors and alumni in the following areas of interest. Contact information of the speakers and alumni are within the PDF for any further inquiries.

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Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV) Resources



Support Services


On-Campus Support
Off-Campus Support
Student Resources
Faculty/Staff Resources
Sexual Assault and Trauma Survivors Club: Instagram @satswesternu

Reading Material


Sexual Violence (SV) Advocacy and Campus Communities SV Campus Policies
“There’s a Way Out”: Insights from Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence
Visit @satswesternu on Instagram for updates on their survey results. These survey results give a voice to survivors and outlines how the Western community can best support their students.



Training by The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children
Training on Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence on Campus
Training on Gender-Based Violence Prevention, Wellness & Well-Being, and Equity & Inclusion

Get Involved


Gender-Based & Sexual Violence Action Committee
The Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children

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