Guidelines for Political Science 4490E Thesis


Only fourth-year Honors Specialization students are eligible provided there is a faculty member willing to supervise the student's work. A student seeking to register in 4490E will be required to have at least an 80% average in all Political Science courses taken.


During the academic term before the student is to register in 4490E, the student is responsible for obtaining the agreement of a faculty member in his/her field of interest to supervise his/her thesis. For further instructions please contact the Undergraduate Advisor.

Procedural Requirements

A firm guideline of what is expected of the students should be established indicating the objectives and the timetable for submission of work. This guideline will be agreed upon within the first month of the fall term by both the faculty member and student, and a copy will be placed on file with the Undergraduate Advisor.

Thesis Requirements

The thesis usually consists of between 50-75 pages. The thesis is to be submitted by April 15 of the Winter term.

Thesis Evaluation

The thesis will be read by the thesis supervisor and a second reader. The final grade will be determined by averaging the grades assigned by both readers.