Rachelle Kouassi

Postdoctoral Fellow


PhD, Mcgill University Department of Anthropology (2016), BA, The University of Chicago (2005)

Post Doctoral Research Program

"Indigenous/Local Intergovernmental Relations in Comparative Perspective" under the supervision of Dr. Christopher Alcantara

Research Interests

Indigenous Studies
Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) ethnohistory and culture, settler colonialism and resistance/refusal, traditional knowledge in contemporary political practice
Law and Politics
Self-governance, legal pluralism, praxeological approaches to the study of law, law as/and myth, Indigenous rights (esp. Canada and USA)
Border Studies
The experience of borders, critical border studies, North American borderlands history, relationships between symbolic, cognitive, and political borders, borders and digital media
Criminology and Policing
Border enforcement in North America, face work in policing, discretion, surveillance and documentation technologies, policing of indigenous peoples
Theory and Method
History of anthropology, ethnographic methods, courtroom observation, oral history, surveying, ethnomethodology, myth analysis, frame analysis

Selected Publications

  • 2016: (forthcoming). Ian Kalman. ‘That’s not our Culture: Paradoxes of Personal Propriety in Indigenous Self-Governance’ in (Not) Outside My Culture: Paradoxes of Personal Autonomy in a Plural Society. Editors: Marie-Claire Foblets, Alison Dundes.  Ashgage Press. 
  • 2015: Ian Kalman. ‘Don’t blame me, it’s just the computer telling me to do this:’ Computer Attribution and the Discretionary Authority of Canadian Border Officers’. The Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology Working Paper Series. No 166.
  • 2015: Ian Kalman ‘The Peacemaker, I presume? Journeys up the Stream of Iroquois Ethnohistory.’ Journal of Iroquois Studies. Colgate University Press. Vol. 1. No. 1.
  • 2015: Ian Kalman. Review: Mohawk Interruptus by Audra Simpson. Comparative Studies in Society and History. Cambridge University Press. Vol. 54 No. 4.
  • 2012: Ian Kalman. ‘Indigenous Self Governance Outside of Canada’.  Prepared for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (now Indigenous Affairs) Canada for the McGill Institute for the Study of International Development (ISID) Policy Paper Series2015. Ian Kalman and Adam Fleischmann. ‘In Search of Hope: On the Anthropology of Global Institutions’. Allegra.com Online Laboratory of Law and Anthropology