Kathryn Graham

PhD Candidate


Education MPA (Western)


Leading Canada's Cities: A Story of Urban Mayors

Research Interests

Local government, public administration, management, public policy, citizen engagement

Selected Publications

  • 2013: Agocs, Carol and Kate Graham, “Citizen Action for Sustainable Development: Case studies in London, Ontario, Canada,” book chapter, publication forthcoming.
  • 2013: Gamble, Elaine, Kate Graham and Rosanna Wilcox, “Beyond Traditional Engagement: Working together with citizens to improve decision making,” Municipal World (June)
  • 2013: Graham, Kate, “Getting to Know You: Changing the conversation with citizens,” Municipal World (May)

Selected Conference Presentations

  • 2013: Did the Common Sense Revolution reduce the size of municipal government in Ontario? IPAC Annual Conference, Montreal (August)
  • 2012: “Engaged #citizens to engaged #cities,” AMCTO Annual Conference, Ottawa (June)
  • 2009: “Citizen Action for Sustainable Development,” Canadian-Chinese Local Government Research Project Conference, Xiamen, China (May)
  • 2008: “London’s Creative City,” Innovation Systems Research Network Conference, Montreal (April)


  • 2013: Public Policy Instructor, Western Continuing Studies 


Professional & Leadership Experience

  • 2011 - Present: Manager, Corporate Initiatives, City of London 
  • 2008 - Present: Vice Chair and Director, Pillar Nonprofit Network
  • 2012: Co-Chair, Local Government Alumni Conference 
  • 2009 - 2012: Founder and Chair, New Municipal Professionals Network
  • 2009 - 2012: Director, ReForest London