Sarah Nimigan

PhD Candidate


  • 2017, Doctor of Philosophy Candidate, Political Science, The University of Western Ontario (September 2017, forthcoming). Major field (comprehensive) examinations: international relations, political theory, transitional justice. Dissertation: The Problems Facing the International Criminal Court: A Constructivist Analysis through the lens of Africa
    Committee: Joanna Quinn, Adam Harmes, Valerie Oosterveld
  • 2012, Master of Laws, International Human Rights Law, The University of Exeter, Exeter UK
  • 2010, Masters of Arts, Political Science and Migration and Ethnic Relations, The University of Western Ontario, London
  • 2008, Bachelor of Arts (hons.), Political Science, The University of Western Ontario, London


What explains the problems facing the International Criminal Court? African Perspectives
Supervisors: Dr. Joanna Quinn

Research Interests

International Law, Transitional Justice, Human Rights, International Organizations, Post-Colonialism, Feminist Approaches

Conference Presentations/Papers Presented

  • 2017: “Democracy, the Rule of Law, the ICC, and African States.” Canadian Political Science Association, forthcoming (May/June).
  • 2017: “Can international criminal justice norms hold up to regional politics with the African Union? Political Interests, International Norms, and the Future of the International Criminal Court.” International Studies Association, Baltimore, Maryland (Feb.)
  • 2015: “The Prosecutor v. Akeyesu versus The Prosecutor v. Lubanga: A comparative analysis of the prosecution of sexual and gender-based crimes in international criminal law.” Western Law, ‘Law: Helping Hand or Iron Fist?’ London, Ontario (June).

Campus Talks/Guest Lectures

  • 2017: “The ICC and Africa: An Evolving Discourse.” Guest lecture to students in International Law, The University of Western Ontario (March).
  • 2016: “Africa and the ICC: Challenges and Opportunities." Guest lecture to students in Introduction to International Relations (Nov).
  • 2016: “Torture.” Guest lecture to students in International Human Rights, The University of Western Ontario (Feb).


  • International Law (upper-year)
  • International Human Rights (third-year)
  • Introduction to International Relations (second-year)
  • Introduction to Political Science (first-year)