Supervisory Interests of Faculty

Our Faculty members welcome any questions you may have about your research plans or interests.  The following is a list of Faculty members along with their areas of research interest.

Faculty Supervisory Interests
Christopher Alcantara Collective Action and the Dynamics of Cooperation; Institutional Design 
Cameron Anderson Canadian Politics; Elections; Voting; Mulit-level Governance; Public Opinion
David Armstrong Quantitative Methods in Political Science
Nandita Biswas Mellamphy Contemporary French Political Theory; Nietzsche; Post-structuralism
Dan Bousfield Political Economy of Protest; Psychoanalysis and Politics; Gender Studies; International Relations; Qualitative Methodology; Ethnography, Korean Social Movements; Militant Masculinities
Cristine de Clercy Canadian Politics; Political Leadership; Public Policy; Women and Politics
Caroline Dick Aboriginal Politics; Constitutional Politics; Difference Politics and the Politics of Identity; Legal Method
Radoslav Dimitrov Climate Change Politics; Global Governance; International Environmental Politics; International Negotiations
Marta Dyczok Politics and History of Eastern Europe; Politics and the Media; Post Communism; Ukraine
Elizabeth Finneron-Burns Future Generations, Contractualism, Human Extinction, Global Justice, Applied Ethics
Adam Harmes Political Economy; Conservative and Progressive Social Movements and Political Parties; Political Strategy and Communication
Martin Horak Comparative Urban Politics (Europe and North America); Multi-level Urban Governance
Charles Jones Contemporary Political Theory; Equality; Global Justice; Human Rights
Mathew Lebo The American Congress and the Presidency, Political Parties, Political Behavior and Elections, British Politics, Political Methodology
Bruce Morrison Democratization; State Formation; State Society Relations; Social Policy
Joanna Quinn Transitional Justice; Truth Commissions
Erika Simpson Canadian Defence and Foreign Policy; International Security; NATO; Peacekeeping
Laura Stephenson Canadian Politics; Comparative Political Economy; Elections; Experimental Political Science; Institutions; Political Behaviour
Zack Taylor Urban politics; Local and Metropolitan Governance; Multi-Level Governance; Urban and Regional Planning Policy; Political and Electoral Geography; Ideas and Institutions; Political Development
Mathieu Turgeon Latin American Elections
Richard Vernon Democracy; History of Political Thought; Intergenerational Justice; Pluralism; Theories of Justice