How to Apply


Application deadline: January 15th

The program only admits students for a September start.


Western is a great place to study Political Science.  Our graduate program ranks as one of the strongest and most diversified graduate programs in Canada.  We are passionate about politics, and our faculty work with students to examine and explore issues that have had or could have a profound impact on shaping the nature of domestic and international society. 

Our graduates go on to pursue careers, nationally and internationally, in university teaching and research, research-oriented positions in government or private agencies, or in a variety of fields such as public service (at all levels of government), law, journalism, business or the not-for-profit sector.

While you are welcome to identify potential supervisors in your application, you are not required nor expected to secure a supervisor prior to applying to our program.  Choosing a supervisor should occur after you have entered the program, completed your coursework, and attended departmental seminars and workshops.  In fact, many students come into the program thinking they will work on a particular topic, but after taking courses and attending seminars and workshops, they focus on other topics instead.

Admission Requirements

MA Program - Minimum Requirements - Standards of the Political Science Discipline - Applicants to the MA program in Political Science must have a 78% average, or equivalent grade point average, calculated by using all courses taken within the final two years of an honors degree in Political Science.  (Comparable four-year degrees are acceptable where applicants have taken some political science courses and have achieved good results in those courses).

PhD Program - Minimum Requirements - For admission to the PhD program in Political Science, applicants must possess an MA degree or equivalent from a university, college or institute, and provide evidence of research potential.  The Graduate Committee is very selective in PhD admission.  The requirement for admission is an MA in Political Science with superior standing.  Applicants to the PhD program must have a first class standing in a recognized MA program, excellent references and a statement of research interest that demonstrates compatibility with the strengths and supervisory capacity of our department.  All applicants are required to submit a sample of their written work.