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Associate Professor Joanna Quinn

Professor Joanna Quinn
Selected President-Elect of College of New Scholars

"It's an honour to be asked to serve as President of The College. I look forward to working with Canada's emerging intellectual leaders to connect College members in useful and innovative ways that showcase the depth and breadth of our collective research."
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Professor Richard Vernon

Professor Richard Vernon
Thinking About Citizenship, and Beyond

“In my career at Western I have been able to explore ideas wherever they may take me in both my teaching and my research.”
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Professor Don Abelson

Professor Don Abelson
Shining a Light on Canadian Think Tanks

"It’s important for the public to understand the kind of organizations developing ideas that government sometimes enact.  We often think about interest groups but how often do we think about think tanks."
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Associate Professor Laura Stephenson

Professor Laura B. Stephenson
How Social Structures Influence Voters

“I love this research field because political behaviour itself has no boundaries; it is universal in all democracies.”
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Dan Bousfield

Professor Dan Bousfield
Honoured for Teaching Innovation and Student Engagement

“If I don’t find it interesting, I don’t know how students will find it interesting.”
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Dave Armstrong

Professor Dave Armstrong
Tier 2 Canada Research Chair

“Marrying these two approaches will give us more robust inferences. It will help provide evidence that the answers we find are meaningful, and tell us something useful about the world.”
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Chris Alcantara and Book

Professor Chris Alcantara
American Political Science Association Book Award

“It's an amazing honour. APSA is the largest political science association in the world and the previous winners of this award are some of best political scientists in the discipline.”
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 Salim Award

Professor Salim Mansur
Awarded Canada Senate 150th Anniversary Medal 

“There are a few Muslim voices in Canada taking leadership in this arena of interfaith communication, and I was identified among those involved. Until and unless we can reconcile Jew-Muslim relationship as people sharing common religious values, the conflict between Muslim countries and Israel will fester, and the Muslim world will continue to regress in terms of freedom and democracy.”
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