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Jerald Sabin

Postdoctoral Fellow


PhD, University of Toronto; MA, Carleton University; BPAPM, Carleton University

Post Doctoral Research Program

“Liberalism, Indigenous Government, and Political Development in Northern Canada”

Dr. Sabin’s postdoctoral research program examines the creation of Indigenous governments in Yukon and the NWT after 1995 and how three crucial aspects of liberal democratic practice (e.g. common citizenship, the rule of law, and representative democracy) are changing with the introduction of new governance models whose structure reflects Indigenous political philosophies rather than liberal approaches to state and society. The project seeks to develop an empirically enriched theory of postcolonial liberal democracy and to provide empirical data demonstrating the effect of third-order government on the traditional practice of liberal democracy in Canada.

Research Interests

Dr. Sabin’s research interests include Canadian political development, liberal democratic institutions, identity politics, gender and sexuality, and the politics of Northern Canada. His scholarly agenda considers how identity intersects with Canadian liberal democracy, its institutions, and practices. Postmaterial and postcolonial identities – including those based in race, gender, and Indigeneity – are increasingly important in Canadian politics. As these identities are constitutionalized within our legal and political systems, his work asks a critical question: what is the future of liberal democracy in Canada? To explore this question, I maintain three major research programs on 1) liberalism, Indigenous government, and political development in Northern Canada, 2) the politics of whiteness and liberal democracy, and 3) identity politics and liberal rights claims, especially in the areas of religious liberty, sexual diversity, and trans* rights. I also maintain secondary research programs in 4) territorial public policy (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut), as well as 5) pedagogy in political science.

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